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Can I use Windlinx with SymphoniePRO?

Yes – because SymphoniePRO uses the iPackGPS, the system is Windlinx compatible. Since SymphoniePRO enables a wider range of data storage and transmission needs than previous Symphonie loggers, please consult with NRG or Wireless Innovation about the appropriate SIM configuration and data plan. Configuration options that affect data throughput requirements include sensor count, averaging interval, 1 Hz sample data storage, call schedule, and/or real-time access to the system.


Download Calibration Reports

Our Calibration Report Retriever Tool is a comprehensive database of reports for the following products:

NRG Anemometers
110S Temperature Sensor
200M Wind Vane
200P Wind Vane
BP20 Barometric Pressure Sensor
BP60 + BP60C Barometric Pressure Sensor
HybridMC Anemometer + Vane
HybridXT Anemometer + Vane
PVT1 PV Temperature Sensor
T60 + T60C Temperature Sensor
R1 Pyranometer
RH5X Relative Humidity Sensor
Thies First Class Advanced Anemometer
WindSensor P2546-OPR Anemometer

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