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AMPS iPack phone configuration issue - MIN vs MDN and IE 001 on AMPS iPack

New cellphone policies have allowed the transfer of phone numbers. This has enabled cellphone users with one carrier to take their existing cellphone number with them to another carrier.

In order to perform this operation, the cellphone companies need to remap the phone numbers "behind the scenes".

As a result, there are two numbers that may be associated with your account - MDN and MIN. The MDN is the Mobile Directory Number, and is what shows up on your bill and what you'd call if it were a regular cellular phone. The MIN is the Mobile Identification Number and is what is programmed into your phone (iPack File) internally and is what is assigned to the ESN.

When setting up a new account, users will need to be aware of this difference.

The MIN number needs to be programmed into the iPack correctly, or an Internet Error 001 may occur.

Another thing to try when receiving an IE 001 with an AMPS iPack is switching from carrier A to B or from B to A. You may also try changing the "Home Only" mode.


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