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Hybrid MC Anemometer

Reliably measure wind speed for turbine control in moderate climates.

  • Hybrid MC Anemometer

Configuration Options

When your turbine control sensors are not working, your turbines are not producing, so we designed our sensors to maximize your turbine availability. Our Hybrid MC technology is based on 25 years of icing climate sensor experience and data from over 70,000 fielded sensors.

Hybrid MC sensors are engineered with a two-stage contamination protection system to prevent dust, dirt, and water from damaging the bearings. The first level of defense is a fully sealed body that minimizes contamination ingress. Inside, a sealed bearing cartridge system prevents contamination from affecting the bearings. The result: extended bearing life and a recommended maintenance interval of 10 years, meaning fewer trips to your turbines.

The Hybrid MC turbine control sensor provides the same exceptional reliability as our Hybrid XT at a more economical price for areas that don’t experience icing. The head of the Hybrid MC is made of Lexan, which is exceptionally tough yet lightweight – this allows for improved aerodynamic performance while retaining the dependability and long service interval of the Hybrid XT.


  • Two-stage contamination protection extends sensor life
    • Fully sealed sensor body minimizes dust, dirt, and water ingress
    • Sealed cartridge bearing system prevents contamination from affecting the bearings
  • Shock-resistant bearing mounting prevents damage caused by rough handling
  • Rugged Lexan head prevents breakage due to accidental drops or icing
  • Recommended maintenance interval of 10 years eliminates unwanted trips to your turbines

Aerodynamic Performance

  • Threshold of <1.3 m/s
  • Accuracy: +/- (0.3 m/s + 2% of measured value)

Customer Service

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