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Albedo Measurement Kit

Capture unobstructed albedo measurements to estimate or monitor the energy available to your bifacial PV array.

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To support the growing adoption of bifacial PV modules, NRG offers the Albedo Measurement Kit for measuring the solar energy potential available to the backside of those modules. While bifacial PV modules appear to hold a compelling value proposition, the industry is still in the early stages of understanding the best way to deploy and operate this technology. For that reason, and also because of the wide variability and hyper-local nature of ground-reflected radiation, we strongly encourage anyone considering bifacial PV installations to conduct site-specific measurements.

The Albedo Measurement Kit features a 2m tall tripod stand with a horizontal mounting boom and sensor mounting fixture to enable unobstructed albedo measurements with the sensors of your choice.

Note: Sensors and cables not included.

  • Tripod folds up for easy transportation and installation and is painted flat black to prevent unwanted noise in measurement data
  • Mounting fixture compatible with industry-leading solar radiation sensor models

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