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Hukseflux SR30-D1 Pyranometer

Capture finance-grade solar irradiance data with this innovative, class A sensor from Hukseflux.

  • Hukseflux SR30-D1 Pyranometer

    SR30 with sun screen installed

  • SR30 without sun screen installed

  • SR30's sun screen

  • SR30 installed on NRG SRA System

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Configuration Options

The SR30 from Hukseflux provides class A (secondary standard) performance per ISO 9060:2018 along with a rich set of features that are unmatched by other sensors.

This all-digital sensor provides high-accuracy irradiance measurements with high data availability due to its integrated heating and ventilation functionality. Unlike traditional, externally heated and ventilated pyranometers, the SR30's internal heating and ventilation system consumes relatively little power and still delivers high data availability.

In addition to hemispherical solar irradiance (with raw- and temperature-compensated outputs), the SR30 delivers the following value-added measurements:

  • tilt
  • internal temperature
  • internal humidity
  • fan speed
  • heater current

All of this is made possible via the sensor's Modbus RS-485 output, which integrates seamlessly with NRG's SymphoniePRO Data Logger.

The SR30 comes with a full sensor-specific characterization to the parameters of ISO 9060:2018, calibration certificate, and sun screen (cable sold separately). Please note that as with all thermopile pyranometers, regularly scheduled maintenance is imperative to achieve the sensor’s specified performance.

  Hukseflux SR30 Pyranometer (#14112)
Sensor type Thermopile solar radiation sensor; ISO 9060:2018 ‘Class A’ (Secondary Standard) compliant
  • Solar resource assessment and monitoring in conformance with IEC 61724-1:2017, Class A
  • Meteorological studies
  • Environmental monitoring
Sensor range -400 W/m2 to 4000 W/m2
Spectral range 285 nm to 3000 nm
Instrument compatibility NRG SymphoniePRO Data Logger
  • Class A classification per ISO 9060:2018
  • Class A compliant per IEC 61724-1:2017
Output signal  
Signal type Modbus RS-485; available measurands include:
  • Solar irradiance (temperature compensated) in W/m2
  • Solar irradiance (uncompensated) in W/m2
  • Instrument body temperature in degrees C
  • Instrument internal humidity in %
  • Instrument tilt angle in degrees
  • Ventilator speed in RPM
  • Heater current in A
Accuracy Class A (Secondary Standard) per ISO 9060:2018
Calibration Characterization report included with each sensor; traceable to World Radiometric Reference (WRR)

Calibration uncertainty < 1.2% (k=2) as specified by Hukseflux
Power requirements  
Supply voltage
  • 8 to 30 VDC (Standard and Medium Power Operating Modes)
  • 5 to 30 VDC (Low Power Operating Modes)
Heater supply voltage 5 V
Heater supply current 0.250 to 0.375 A (rated heater current range)
Power Required
  • < 2.3 W in Standard Operating Mode (heater [ON], ventilator [ON])
  • < 0.6 W in Meidum Power Operating Mode (heater [OFF], ventilator [ON])
  • < 0.1 W in Low Power Operating Mode (heater [OFF], ventilator [OFF])
Mounting Mounts to tower using NRG's Mounting Plate | Pyranometer, Gen II (14357)
Tools required
  • 4 mm hex key
  • T10 torx key for opening sensor bottom
Operating temperature range -40 °C to 80 °C (-40 °F to 176 °F)
Operating humidity range 0 to 100%
Connections Bare wire leads from cable connect directly to logger

See also logger user's manual for wiring diagram
Cable length Sold separately; options include:
  • 5 m (16.4 feet)
  • 10 m (32.8 feet)
  • 20 m (65.6 feet)
  • 30 m (98.4 feet)
  • 50 m (164 feet)
Weight 0.64 kg (1.41 lbs) including 5 m cable
Dimensions 92 mm diameter x 95 mm high (3.62 inches diameter x 3.74 inches high)
Cable Shielded 4-conductor to 5-pole M12-A female connector
Detector Thermopile
Enclosure IP67 weatherproof anodized aluminum enclosure and stainless steel hardware