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Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge - Solar

The Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge provides inexpensive and accurate rainfall measurement.

  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge - Solar
  • Rainwise Tipping Bucket Rain Guage

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Configuration Options

Precipitation is collected in a funnel and measured by the calibrated tipping bucket. For each 0.254 mm (.01") of precipitation, the bucket tips, empties, and activates an output switch. The tipping bucket rain gauge is available in either an aluminum or polypropylene bucket construction and with both ground and tower mounting options.

The Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge | NL configuration mounts via three mounting legs with 6.3 mm (.025") diameter holes on a 241 mm (9.5") diameter circle. The ground mount kit includes 7 m (24') of cable as well as the mounting platform and pipe to install this sensor next to your meteorological tower.

  NL, Ground Mount (#14879) RW (#15183)
Sensor type Tipping bucket rain gauge n/a
Applications Precipitation measurement n/a
Sensor range Unlimited- tipping action dumps precipitation from bucket n/a
Instrument compatibility Any Symphonie logger equipped with a Rain Gauge SCM Item 3149 n/a
Output signal  
Signal type Switch closure (momentary single pole, normally open (SPNO) contact), typical closure time is 0.1 second n/a
Transfer function 0.254 mm (0.01 inches) of rain per switch closure n/a
Accuracy +/- 2%, up to 50.8 mm (2 inches) per hour n/a
Calibration Factory calibrated n/a
Resolution 0.254 mm (0.01 inches) of rain n/a
  • Requires regular cleaning to ensure proper operation
  • Recalibration is only necessary if the sensor is physically damaged
Power requirements  
Supply voltage
  • Excitation Supply 5 V DC to 12 V DC typical
  • Overvoltage protection clamps at 27 V DC
Supply current Dry contact, 0.5 A maximum n/a
  • Three mounting legs with bolt holes
  • Holes are 6.3 mm (0.25 inches) diameter on a 241 mm (9.5 inches) diameter circle
Operating temperature range 0 °C to 45 °C n/a
Connections 2 conductor cable from switch (red wire, black wire) n/a
Cable length 7 m (24 feet) n/a
  • 360 mm (15 inches) overall assembly height
  • 203 mm (8 inches) diameter catchment area
Enclosure Anodized and powder-coated aluminum, thermoplastic, stainless steel fasteners n/a