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FAA-Compliant Obstruction Lighting System

Keep your met tower lighted with this FAA-compliant system.

  • FAA-Compliant Obstruction Lighting System
  • Power Supply

  • FAA-Compliant Obstruction Lighting System
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Configuration Options

Depending on met tower height and location, obstruction lighting may be required by federal, local, or municipal laws for aviation safety.

This Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-compliant obstruction lighting kit includes an autonomous PV power supply and a monitoring system designed specifically for the 80m XHD TallTower™. The Z1 configuration offers a higher wattage making it sufficient for most northern latitudes.

Optional Monitoring

A separate communication module is available for customers who require monitoring (#10105). Lighting operational status is remotely monitored 24 hours a day by a dedicated staff of trained professionals who alert the FAA in the event of a lighting failure.

Special Ordering Information

We offer several integrated lighting and power supply solutions specific to zones and grid power availability. Please contact us at to determine which kit is right for you.

  • One L-864 flashing red obstruction (beacon) light
  • Two L-810 steady-burning red obstruction lights
  • A red light controller (RLC)
  • Photovoltaic (PV) power supply

Note: Communications module for third-party light status monitoring (#10105) sold separately.

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.

Customer Service

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