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Symphonie® iPack Battery Replacement Kit

Use one of these kits to replace the battery in your Symphonie iPackGPS.

  • Symphonie® iPack Battery Replacement Kit
  • Symphonie® iPack Battery Replacement Kit
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Configuration Options

This 12 V DC replacement battery is sealed, maintenance-free, and rechargeable.

Please review the table below and contact our sales team at if you have questions about which battery is appropriate for your iPack. Be sure to have your device’s model and serial number on hand.

iPack Model
Serial Number
Battery Replacement Kit
iPackGPS | 4G LTE-VZW 9390XXXX  Gen II - 4228  
iPackGPS | 4G LTE-ATT 9389XXXX
iPackGPS | 4G LTE-TDD  9388XXXX
iPackGPS | 3G, GSM 7984XXXX
iPackGPS | CDMA 4621XXXX
iPackGPS | Iridium 4620XXXX
iPack | GSM/GPRS 3860XXXX and above
iPack | CDMA 3861XXXX and above
iPack | GSM/GPRS 3122XXXX and 3123XXXX Gen I - 3468
iPack | CDMA 3531XXXX
iPack | Iridium 3533XXXX and above
iPack | Power Only 3146XXXX and above

Note: Lead acid batteries must be kept in a charged state (connected to a battery charger or PV panel). Allowing lead acid batteries to remain in a discharged state greatly reduces charging capacity and lifespan.

  • Sealed lead acid
  • 12 V DC
  • 2.2 Amp hour
  • Lifespan: 2-3 years

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.