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Anchor - Rock

Use these anchors to secure TallTowers in solid rock.

  • Anchor - Rock

Configuration Options

Rock anchors are designed for anchoring Wind Towers in solid rock. They are constructed of a threaded rod with integral eye and two opposing wedge halves. The anchor is placed in a hole pre-drilled in the rock. Twisting the eye of the anchor forces the wedges against the sides of the hole, locking the anchor in place. Load actually increases the wedging force and develops holding power equal to the full tensile strength of the rod. When anchoring in either bare rock or solid rock covered by soil, rock anchors provide an extremely strong anchor point without the use of concrete.

Use the 15" long rod when anchoring in exposed solid rock. Use the 30" long rod when anchoring in solid rock covered by up to 0.75 m (2.5’) of soil. Use the 53" long rod when anchoring in solid rock covered by up to 1.2 m (4’) of soil.

  • Box of 2
  • Cross bar not included
  381mm (15") long rod (#2055) 762mm (30") long rod (#2323) 1.35m (53") long rod (#2324)
Applications n/a n/a tower guy or winch point anchoring to solid rock
Tower compatibility n/a n/a all NRG TallTowers
Anchor type n/a n/a expanding rock anchor
Suitable soil types n/a n/a bare rock, or thin soils with solid rock near the surface
Holding power  
Solid rock n/a n/a 9072 kgf (20000 lb.)
Tools required n/a n/a 50 mm (2") diameter rock drill, rod for tightening
Recommended for installation n/a n/a always grout anchor holes after anchors are installed
Rod diameter n/a n/a 19 mm (0.75")
Length overall n/a n/a available rod lengths:
  • 0.38 m (15")
  • 0.76 m (30")
  • 1.35 m (53")
Expanded diameter n/a n/a 60 mm (2.375") max.
Drilled hole diameter n/a n/a 50 mm (2") nominal
Rod n/a n/a galvanized steel
Head n/a n/a malleable iron cams dipped in rust-resisting black paint