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Winch | 4500lb., 10m, 34m Towers

Reliably install 10m and 34m TallTowers™ with this compact electric winch.

  • Winch | 4500lb., 10m, 34m Towers

Configuration Options

This 12 V intermittent-duty electric winch is sized specifically for safe and reliable installation of the 10m TallTower™ and 34m TallTower™.

The rated capacity is 4500 pounds (2043 kg) maximum load via its single line pull (1:1). Run speed is load dependent; five to six feet per minute is typical.

The winch mounts to the winch-point earth anchor, and it is powered by a 12 V deep-cycle marine battery (not included).

  • Sized specifically for the 10m and 34m TallTower
  • Proven, reliable system
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Automatic braking safely stops tower movement with handheld control switch
  • Protective free spool lever guard modification assures safe operation

Kit includes:

  • Cable
  • Mounting bracket hardware
  • Battery cable
  • Control switch
  • Safety bar
  4500 lb. - 10m, 34m Towers (#4300)
Applications raising and lowering NRG 34m TallTower
Winch type intermittent duty
Tower compatibility NRG 34 m TallTower
Power requirements  
Supply voltage 12 V DC
Supply current
  • 80 A at 681 kg pull (1500 pounds)
  • 100 A at 998 kg pull (2200 pounds)
  • 145 A at 1362 kg pull (3000 pounds)
  • 170 A at 2043 kg pull (4500 pounds)
Batteries 12 V deep-cycle batteries recommended
Tools required adjustable wrench
Accessories extra 12 V deep-cycle batteries, battery charger, generator
Lifespan 2 years +
Weight 23 kg (51 pounds)
Rated capacity 2043 kg (4500 pounds.) max. single line pull (based on the first wrap of cable on the winch drum)
Motor 2.7 kW (3.7 hp) 12 V DC
Gearing planetary drive
Braking action automatic load-holding brake
Cable breaking strength 3175 kg (7000 pounds)
Cable 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) 7 x 19 galvanized aircraft cable