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SDR ''iPack communication failed” error message

Check the following:

1) The COM port is set correctly to a good working COM port.
2) The message ''Verifying iPack connection'' appears in the lower status bar when the ''Modify iPack'' window is opened.
3) Try rebooting your computer.
4) Confirm that the iPack batteries are not dead.

The iPack utilizes a sense line on the COM port in order to initiate communications and expects standardized states for the COM port on and off conditions. On certain models of computer and operating system combinations, the COM port default off state does not return to the expected off state, and the iPack gets "hung" in a state where handshaking cannot take place.

The solution is to:

  • Unplug the DB25 cable from the iPack.
  • Close the ''Modify iPack'' window.
  • Reconnect the DB25 cable to the iPack.
  • Reopen the ''Modify iPack'' window.

You should now be connected to the iPack and be able to load a file from the iPack.

Note: When the ''Modify iPack'' window is opened, a request is made by SDR to open the configured COM port. Conversely, when the ''Modify iPack'' window is closed, a request to close the COM port is made.

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