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SRA Power Supply | SymphoniePRO

Power your solar resource assessment campaigns seamlessly with NRG's versatile SRA Power Supply | SymphoniePRO, ensuring a constant and reliable power source.

  • SRA Power Supply | SymphoniePRO

Configuration Options

NRG’s specialized SRA Power Supply | SymphoniePRO is designed to meet the unique needs of solar resource assessment applications, providing reliable DC power for sensors, SymphoniePRO Data Loggers, and other equipment. This power supply is engineered to optimize your pre-construction endeavors with unwavering reliability and performance, including in harsh environments.

Our DC-only SRA Power Supply with PV input is available with an additional 24V option and can be configured with different battery and PV kit options (see below) to tailer the system to your unique project, scaling the battery bank to meet a range of requirements. 

PV Kit options include:

  • One 100W PV module with PV support brackets
  • Two 100W PV [200W total] module with PV support brackets
  • Three 100W PV [300W total] module with PV support brackets

Battery Kit options include:

  • One 108 Ah battery bank
  • Two 108 Ah batteries for a 216 Ah battery bank
  • Three 108 Ah batteries for a 324 Ah battery bank
  • Highly configurable design allows for easy expansion and customization

  • Reliable power to data logger, sensors, and additional peripherals ensures uninterrupted data collection

  • Durable design offers long-lasting performance and reliability in all climates, ensuring critical systems remain powered

  • Mounting options enable quick setup, minimizing downtime and simplifying deployment