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Cable Ball Set

Improve the visibility of your met tower with durable cable balls.

  • Cable Ball Set

Configuration Options

Bright orange, high visibility cable balls make tower guy wires more visible to aircraft and farm machinery.

Balls should be installed on each guy wire 3 m (10’) below the guy ring on the top set of guy wires. An additional set of balls can be installed at a lower point on the same guy wires—at least 3 m (10’) above the highest point that vegetation is likely to reach.

This kit includes four balls of 53.34 cm (21”) diameter and installation hardware. The kit can be assembled using a Phillips (+) screwdriver and 3/8” and 7/16” sockets.

Note: Cable marker balls add some wind load to a tower. The added wind load does not significantly affect tower performance under normal conditions. However, the marker balls can accumulate ice, which can add significant loads to a tower. The 50m XHD TallTower™ and 60m XHD TallTower™ are the best choice if marker balls are required in an icing environment.

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