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NRG S1 Anemometer Cable

Use these cables with NRG S1 Anemometers.

  • NRG S1 Anemometer Cable
  • NRG S1 Anemometer Cable
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This three-conductor (3C) sensor cable is comprised of 20-gauge, shielded cable with drain wire. The cable terminates on the sensor side with a M12 3P A-code female connector with gold-plated brass terminals. The connector enables simple and secure connection to NRG S1 Anemometers. The logger end of the cable terminates in tin-stripped leads, allowing for easy wiring to data logger wiring panels. All cable materials are RoHS compliant.




Wiring NRG S1 anemometers to data loggers

Sensor Compatibility

NRG S1 Anemometer

Sensor Cable Type

3 conductor, 20 AWG, Shielded




  • Sensor end terminates in a M12 3P A-code female connector
  • Logger end flying leads, pre-stripped and tinned (RoHS)


Various lengths are available,  up to 160m




Foil with drain wire


Gray, UV-stabilized PVC

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