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Power Cable Kit - IceFree3 Sensor 2C

These cables provide the power for the heating element in our IceFree3 Heated Anemometers and come in a variety of lengths.

  • Power Cable Kit - IceFree3 Sensor 2C

Configuration Options

This two-conductor (2C) cable kit is for the NRG IceFree3 Heated Anemometer only. Sensor cables are 20-gauge, shielded cable with drain wire and soldered terminal connectors for easy field installation.

All NRG accessories are covered by our two-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

Sensor Cable Description  
Application Wiring IceFree3 Heated Anemometers 
Sensor Compatibility IceFree3 Heated Anemometers
Sensor Cable Type 2 conductor, 20 AWG, Shielded
Sensor Cable Physical  
  • Sensor end connects to junction box terminals
  • Logger end terminates in flying leads, pre-stripped and tinned (RoHS)
Dimensions Various lengths available
Sensor Cable Material  
Shield Foil with drain wire
Jacket Gray UV stabilized PVC
Power Cable Description  
Application Used with junction box to provide power to IceFree3 Heated Anemometers
Sensor Compatibility IceFree3 Heated Anemometer
Cable Type Power Cable, 3 conductor, 14 AWG, Copper, Black, SJOOW
Power Cable Physical  
Dimensions Nom. O.D. 9.3mm (0.365"), various lengths available
Weight 4.8kg (10.5 lbs) per 30.5m (100 ft)
Power Cable Material  
Jacket Black Neoprene

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