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Guy Wire Guards

Mark and protect your TallTower™ guy wires with high visibility guards.

  • Guy Wire Guards

Configuration Options

Guy wire guards are used to mark and protect guy wires at the base of TallTowers.

These guards are made of high density polyethylene that contains ultraviolet light-resistant additives to prevent brittleness and fading over time. The diameter of each guard is approximately 3.49 cm (1.375”) after installation. They can be easily secured to guy wires to shield from acts of vandalism, accidental contact with industrial machinery, and intrusion by large wildlife or domestic animals.

  • High-density polyethylene construction
  • Ultraviolet light-resistant additives protect resin and color
  • 3.85 cm (1.515”) outside-diameter before installation
  • 3.49 cm (1.375”) outside-diameter after installation
  • 0.178 cm (0.070”) wall thickness
  • 2.16 m (85") length


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