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NRG Systems led a hands-on ZX 300 training for the EVREC team ahead of installation.

In December 2023, Exploits Valley Renewable Energy Corporation (EVREC) embarked on a groundbreaking project to establish one of the world’s largest green hydrogen and ammonia plants. Central to this endeavor are resource assessment solutions from NRG Systems. Among the first pieces of equipment installed on site, the ZX 300 Lidar-based systems will provide the essential data needed to bring this monumental project to life.

Located in central Newfoundland, Canada, the power project includes an onshore wind farm with a targeted capacity of over 3GW, energy storage, and a state-of-the-art production facility to generate zero-carbon hydrogen and ammonia. Unlike traditional methods, green hydrogen and ammonia are produced using renewable sources, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Their widespread adoption is vital for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, a milestone critical to combating climate change.

Vlad Nicolescu, General Manager of Europe and North America for Abraxas Power, EVREC’s parent company, highlighted the significance of the project, saying, “Upon commissioning, this will be one of the largest 100% green ammonia plants in the world, positioning Newfoundland and Canada as a prime exporter of green ammonia and green hydrogen, globally. Onshore wind is one of the most cost-effective ways to produce green hydrogen, and Canada, particularly Newfoundland, offers some of the world’s best resources. Together with a competitive fiscal regime, Canada will be at the forefront of the energy transition.”

As the world’s leader in turnkey resource measurement solutions, NRG Systems was the natural choice to power EVREC’s pre-construction campaign. Our extensive resource measurement portfolio allowed for the design of systems tailored to the project’s unique requirements, including the capability to collect data for turbines with 130m hub heights. ZX 300, which is the only Lidar technology to measure at elevations from 10m up to 300m, was selected for its unparalleled range and easy deployment. This flexibility is crucial, as the Lidars will be relocated to a new area of the site after one year of data collection, and again in the final months of the campaign when they will be co-located with met masts to ensure data correlation.

To guarantee successful deployment, NRG provided comprehensive pre-installation training to EVREC’s grounds team. This support extends beyond the initial setup, with lifetime customer service guaranteed. NRG’s commitment to supporting EVREC throughout the campaign ensures optimal performance and accurate data collection at every stage.

Building on our best-in-class data promise, the EVREC campaign leverages NRG Cloud to monitor their measurement fleet. Nicolescu noted, “NRG Cloud has been pivotal in quickly identifying errors and rapidly dispatching response teams on the ground to solve the issue, increasing the percentage of usable data collection. NRG Cloud’s intuitive UI and user-friendly maps have been instrumental in making presentations, cross-functional discussions, and overall wind measurement tracking and management more efficient and straightforward.”   

Launched in December 2023, EVREC’s resource assessment campaign will conclude in the fall of 2026. The critical data gathered will help determine the wind project’s future energy output, reducing measurement and financial uncertainty, and informing a myriad of decisions vital to the project’s success.

NRG is proud to deliver comprehensive, innovative, and reliable resource measurement solutions for this ambitious initiative. By paving the way for green hydrogen and ammonia production, we are expanding our role in driving the clean energy transition and bringing us all closer to a sustainable future.

If you are interested in learning more about ZX 300 or this project, please contact sales@nrgsystems.com.

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