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RNRG SymphoniePRO training.

RNRG Technical Support Specialist, Natalie Babij, leads an electronics training at the company's headquarters.

In early January, technicians from Ventus, a leading Uruguayan wind energy engineering consultancy firm, and Consertek Telecom Inc, a Canadian engineering contractor for renewable energy projects, braved the cold to attend a two-day electronics training at Renewable NRG Systems’ (RNRG) headquarters in Hinesburg, Vermont.

Led by Technical Support Specialist Natalie Babij, the training focused on RNRG’s SymphoniePRO data logger and included a product overview and programming session that introduced the trainees to the SymphoniePRO desktop application—an intuitive software package used to process raw data files as well as configure and communicate with the logger itself. The hands-on training also covered RNRG’s suite of sensors, iPacks, and its turnkey SRA system.

RNRG's SymphoniePRO desktop application.

Consertek Instrumentation Technician, Alexandre Elies, explores RNRG's SymphoniePRO desktop application.

In addition to the classroom sessions, the team spent some time outside at RNRG’s 34m tower, learning how to set up a BGAN M2M Satellite Kit. According to Sergio Morales, a Meteorological Tower Technician at Ventus, “The knowledge acquired [at the training] will allow us to improve our work as Ventus will be able to offer a greater variety of services.” Consertek Instrumentation Technician, Alexandre Elies, added, “The ability to experience these products in real-time was very beneficial. The RNRG team knew the material well and answered all of our questions thoroughly.”

RNRG Technical Support Specialist, Drew Lepple, also trained the participants in the installation of tubular towers, which are quick to assemble, easy to move, and cost effective. Francisco Ayzaguer, a Meteorological Tower Technician at Ventus, said, “This type of new technology will allow us, together with RNRG, to continue leading in the markets of the region, and thus offer increasingly effective methods for wind resource assessment, which is key to the proper development of a wind project.”

RNRG BGAN M2M Satellite Kit.

Babij shows Sergio Morales and Francisco Ayzaguer of Ventus how to set up a BGAN M2M Satellite Kit.

RNRG regularly hosts comprehensive trainings designed for installers, project managers, developers, and consultants. In addition to our 2017 program dates, we are happy to discuss customized trainings at a location of your choice. Please visit our training page to learn more.

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