March 24, 2015 | by Brogan Morton | Engineering + Technology


You know that the profitability of your wind farm depends on the performance of each turbine. Minor errors in yaw misalignment, blade pitch, and tip-speed ratio can affect power output and overall energy production. But how do you know when these issues are lurking on your project site?

Nacelle-mounted Lidar is one promising technology. Highly mobile, easy to install, and suitable for a variety of applications, Lidar is earning a reputation as a general diagnostic tool for turbine performance characterization and optimization.

In a recent issue of North American Windpower, I discussed the use of Lidar in the operations phase of the project lifecycle, including applications such as operational power curve, yaw misalignment correction, and wind sector curtailment optimization.

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Brogan Morton

When Brogan Morton began his career by conducting engineering research for aerospace systems, he was excited about the technological advancements he saw. But something was missing: few people knew or cared about them. Now, as product manager for NRG's turbine performance optimization line, Brogan ensures that product development is closely aligned with customer needs. Keenly interested in delivering the right tools to reduce wind’s cost of energy, Brogan writes about all things O&M.

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