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NRG SpiDAR Product Spidar Vertical Profiler

NRG Systems is transitioning from Spidar to our next generation Direct Detect Lidar and as a part of this transition we have discontinued the manufacture and sale of the Spidar Vertical Profiler effective August 2021.

NRG acquired the Spidar Vertical Profiler in 2018 after identifying the potential that Direct Detect Lidar technology has to reduce the cost of measurement campaigns and enable measurements in locations other remote sensors can’t access due to its uniquely narrow cone angle. Three years and many successful customer campaigns later, we remain fully committed to the technology and are saying goodbye to Spidar so that we can prepare as thoroughly as possible for the introduction of the next generation Direct Detect Lidar in 2022.

NRG stands firmly behind our many customers continuing to use Spidars around the world on critical measurement campaigns. Complete Spidar service and support capabilities will still be available at our global headquarters in Hinesburg, VT. NRG Technical Services is available to discuss your Spidar service needs and are committed to finding economical solutions to ensure your campaigns are a success.

NRG will soon be announcing the launch date and features of our new Direct Detect Lidar product. For customers who already own a Spidar unit, we will also be offering a hardware and firmware upgrade package, giving you access to the latest features our engineering teams have been working on.

We sincerely appreciate your business and our team is here to guide you through this transition. Please contact our sales team ( with any questions or to discuss alternative solutions for urgent projects.

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