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For the past ten years, Texas Controls has played a crucial role in growing Renewable NRG Systems’ (RNRG) presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Our oldest dealer in the EMEA region, Texas Controls’ deep technical knowledge and ongoing alignment with the RNRG team has paved the way for a partnership that continues to be mutually rewarding.

Together, RNRG and Texas Controls have prevailed through market fluctuations and regulatory changes, including Spain’s shift from wind plant development to maintenance and operation. During this time, Texas Controls, which is based in Bergondo, Spain, focused their business on RNRG’s Turbine Control Solutions (TCS), which help maximize wind plant performance in a range of climates.

Renewable NRG Systems sensors

A Texas Controls technician repairs an IceFree3 sensor.

For TCS in particular, Texas Controls has provided key support for new products, first serving as the official reparation center for our IceFree3 sensors, and later, championing our rugged and reliable Hybrid XT sensors. Soon, Texas Controls will help introduce our Hybrid MC turbine control sensors, which are specially tailored to moderate climates, to EMEA. Mario López, RNRG’s Senior Territory Manager - Europe, Middle East, Africa, says, “Texas Controls will keep playing a very significant role in the Spanish market and will continue to open very important, large accounts, including utilities and manufacturers. Recently, we have turned to Texas Controls for several different opportunities in Europe and North Africa, where an importer/dealer was required by the final customer. They have been an invaluable partner for RNRG.”  

Mario recently caught up with Texas Controls’ General Manager, Frank Fernández, to discuss what it’s like to be a RNRG dealer, how Texas Controls’ partnership with RNRG has evolved over time, and much more.

Mario López (ML): How did you become a RNRG dealer?

Frank Fernández (FF): We first started selling RNRG products around 1997-98. At the time, we were a fairly new company supplying different technical solutions to the Power Generation Industry. We were determined to find some type of service or product that was geared toward the Wind Power Industry; it was more of a desire to participate in an emotionally attractive industry than a real business strategy—wind was really considered a niche market at that time. Fortunately, one of the biggest wind turbine manufacturers asked if we could help them find the right wind resource assessment systems for their projects. We did, and they belonged to Renewable NRG Systems. At the time, RNRG was completely focused on resource assessment for the wind power industry. Their R+D, knowledge, focus, passion, and experience in that specific sector gave them a technological advantage over other companies that often pursued wind as a means to diversify their offerings. Unlike RNRG, these companies were adapting their existing knowledge and products to wind applications, which have quite specific requirements and needs.  

ML: How has your relationship with RNRG evolved over time?

FF: After a little while in wind, we realized that if we really wanted to succeed, we needed to become industry experts and provide technical support to our end users. Soon after, we developed and built our own wind tunnel for testing and calibration and started supplying and offering our services to practically all wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm developers in the Spanish market. We received, and continue to receive, a lot of support from RNRG’s technical services and sales departments. To us, we are more than just a distributor of RNRG products—we are allied partners.

ML: Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals for this partnership?

FF: We have supported RNRG’s new product and services developments throughout the course of our relationship. RNRG has always been the leader in Turbine Control Sensors and thanks to our strong technical partnership, we are able to service their sensors for their Spanish OEM customers. At one point, we served as the official reparation center for their IceFree3 heated sensors. Today, our main focus is RNRG’s HybridXT sensors. Our mid- and long-term goal is to keep collaborating with RNRG on any new developments, even if that means acquiring special qualifications through training and investing in new structures and resources.

Renewable NRG Systems dealer, Texas Controls

Texas Controls' headquarters in Bergondo, Spain.

ML: In your experience, what are some of RNRG’s strength?

FF: RNRG’s long-time focus on wind gives them a deeper technological understanding than other manufacturers. Also, their technical support team, passion, and dedication to forging close relationships with their customers, are things you don’t often see among manufacturers. These attributes help build trust and leave you rooting for their success.

ML: What advantages do you gain from being a RNRG dealer?

FF: Working with an industry leader like RNRG always helps you open difficult doors. Thank to our association with RNRG, customers see us as a potential long-term partner, not just a reseller.

ML: Can you share a memorable story from your time as a RNRG dealer or a story that is representative of your experience as a RNRG dealer?

FF: More than a single story, memories of working together during difficult times come to mind. When the wind industry was in a lull, RNRG and Texas Controls were both dedicated to remaining hopeful that it would turn around and sure enough, it did. That comradery and loyalty through tough times helped strengthen our relationship.

ML: What would you say to a company that is thinking about becoming a RNRG dealer?

FF: I would completely recommend becoming a RNRG dealer to a company that is in a geographical area with wind generation potential. As with every activity, my recommendation is to work very closely with the manufacturer and gather as much knowledge as possible from trainings and customers.

Interested in becoming a Renewable NRG Systems dealer? Click here for more information. We currently have partners on every continent and are always looking to work with dealers who share our passion and want to grow with us.

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