May 22, 2017 | by NRG Team Voices

NRG Systems LogoOn May 22, Renewable NRG Systems announced that it has changed its name to NRG Systems. In recent years, our offerings for the wind industry have expanded and our reach has grown to include solar, atmospheric solutions, and beyond. We feel our new name better represents the scope and breadth of our product offerings and services, all of which aid us in our mission to shape our future with smart technologies for global resource sustainability and climate challenges.

In tandem with our name change, we would like to introduce our new logo and brand aesthetic. Simple and bright, this system is a visual representation of the values that govern us as a company. 35 years after revolutionizing the way wind resource assessment was done, we remain committed to creating high-tech yet remarkably user-friendly products and strengthening our connection with our customers and our planet.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our rebrand. We are NRG Systems and we are still with you every step of the way.

Watch NRG Systems’ new company video: 

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