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Mario Lopez Turbine Control Solutions NRG Systems

Mario Lopez, NRG's Senior Territory Manager, EMEA, discusses Turbine Control Solutions. 

This July, NRG Systems teamed up with longtime partner Leosphere to host a one-day seminar in Moscow. The goal of the event was to introduce NRG and its range of products and services to Russia’s fledgling renewable energy industry.

The seminar, which was attended by federal energy officials, wind and solar project developers, tender winners, and local engineering/consulting companies, kicked off with a market presentation and company introduction of Activity, NRG’s local reseller in Russia. Activity has played a pivotal role in jump-starting project development in the country and is responsible for installing more than 40 met towers in Russia, including several from NRG Systems.

The event included a full schedule of informative presentations led by Mario Lopez, NRG’s Senior Territory Manager, EMEA, and Anna Batychko, Leosphere’s Export Manager. In addition to a complete product portfolio overview, Lopez discussed a number of NRG products that satisfy Russia’s unique market needs. Lopez touched on NRG’s IceFree3 heated sensors’ ability to provide accurate and reliable measurements in regions where icing is a concern (such as Russia), as well as SymphoniePRO’s remote communications and autonomous power capabilities. A hands-on presentation of the data logger and its intuitive desktop application was held after the seminar.

RG Systems' SymphoniePRO Data Logger.

A presentation on NRG Systems' SymphoniePRO Data Logger.

Batychko familiarized attendees with Leosphere – a global leader in Lidar atmospheric remote sensing – and how their products can enhance resource assessment campaigns. Today, measuring a wind site’s potential energy output using a met tower coupled with Lidar is considered the gold standard thanks to its accuracy, especially in areas with complex terrain. Ultimately, this combination excels at reducing uncertainties in vertical and horizontal extrapolations and increasing the profitability of a project with precise, bankable data.

Lopez said, “We were thrilled to participate in this seminar and we are excited to be an active part of the wind power market development in Russia, where we see great potential for NRG products in collaboration with Activity. The Russian market is positioned to become one of the most relevant markets in the near future. We received very positive feedback during this seminar and plan to continue supporting all market needs with our expertise.”

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