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NRG Systems is pleased to welcome Mywindparts to its Global Dealer Network. Based in France, Mywindparts has been providing spare parts as well as supply chain and equipment optimization services to some of the biggest names in the wind industry for over ten years. As an NRG dealer, Mywindparts will provide our Turbine Control Sensors, as well as a variety of other meteorological sensors, to the French market. In addition to their technical expertise, Mywindparts brings an exceptional level of customer care to the table, placing human relations and their clients’ needs at the forefront of every project – a value that is critical to NRG’s own mission as well.

We spoke with Sébastien Duchesne, Managing Director of Mywindparts, about the company’s history, its customer-driven mission, and how collaborating with NRG will help them meet their goals.

NRG Systems (NRG): How did Mywindparts get its start? What does the company strive to do for its customers?

Mywindparts (MWP): After 10 years in the wind industry, I came to this simple conclusion: there was no company specializing in spare parts distribution in the French wind market. This led me to create Mywindparts in 2016 so that I could offer three different services:

1 – Spare parts sales for any type of wind turbine technology

2 – Repair services for broken spare parts

3 – Technical consulting on supply chain topics, aiming to support customers on their stock level definitions and develop a strategy for obsolete parts

Photo equipe MWP

The Mywindparts team.

NRG: Who are your direct customers and why do they typically turn to you for your services? What about their project(s) are they hoping to improve?

MWP: Our direct customers are wind farm owners, Independent Service Providers (ISP), Independent Power Producers (IPP), and utilities. We supply any type of spare parts to them, and our team is composed of professionals who have a wide technical knowledge of the different brands of wind turbines. Our primary focus is listening to our customers to better serve them, and our main strength today is our reactivity and capacity to adapt to any of their requests.

NRG: As a new NRG dealer, what excites you most about offering our products? What advantages are you hoping to gain for your company as well as for your customers?

MWP: NRG products are items that can seem simple at first sight, but they are absolutely essential in the production optimization strategy of a wind turbine. Proposing such performant products as the NRG products is a guarantee for our customers to have turbines operating at their maximum capacity.

NRG: What are your long-term goals for the collaboration between Mywindparts and NRG?

MWP: We wish to master the entire product range offered by NRG so that we can offer our comprehensive expertise to customers. We also wish to be able to spread this partnership to other countries, or even continents!

To strengthen our collaboration, we want to share with NRG any issues that arise in the field, from our customers, and contribute to enhancing NRG products. We want to be a part of the innovation process, and always offer the best-in-class and most accurate products together.

NRG: What would you say to a company thinking about becoming an NRG dealer?

MWP: We would say, “Go ahead! Absolutely no question!”. They will be welcomed with the greatest warmth and professionalism. They will meet great people, who are dynamic and committed professionals.

To learn more about Mywindparts and their services, visit or contact

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