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Symphonie® iPackACCESS

Integrate real-time meteorological data into your SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system with the iPackACCESS communications module.

  • Symphonie® iPackACCESS

Configuration Options

iPackACCESS is a communications and power module for the SymphoniePRO® and data loggers that enables wind farm operators to integrate real-time meteorological data into their SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems via Modbus TCP.

iPackACCESS serves up real-time 1 Hz sample as well as statistical data at user-selected intervals. Data are delivered to pre-defined Modbus registers. With no coding required, iPackACCESS offers ease-of-use and data security by limiting access to defined IP addresses.

Data Logger Connection

iPackACCESS attaches to a port located on the back of your Symphonie series data logger. The iPackACCESS and data logger are then mounted in a Symphonie shelter box for security and environmental protection.

Modbus demo client application

This lightweight utility can be run off of a USB drive and used at various points in your network to troubleshoot and establish the proper connectivity of your logger/iPack system. The latest version is compatible with both SymphoniePRO and SymphoniePLUS3 data loggers when paired with an iPackACCESS.

  • Deliver real-time, 1 Hz meteorological data into your wind farm’s SCADA system via Modbus TCP
  • Deliver statistical data (average, standard deviation, min, max, and max 3-sec gust*) at user-selected intervals (1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes) so it can be directly forwarded to forecasting providers or other stakeholders*
  • Access the data on pre-defined registers using industry-standard Modbus TCP protocol*
  • Ensure the security of your data by limiting access via user-defined IP addresses
  • Quickly install the unit in the field, no coding required*

* Feature enhanced by and/or exclusively available when iPackACCESS is paired with SymphoniePRO.

  • One (1) Symphonie iPackACCESS
  • One (1) GPS antenna

Note: The iPack voltmeter SCM is now included in SymphoniePLUS3 data logger kits. SymphoniePRO includes built-in monitoring of the 12V power supply and does not require a separate interface module.

Customer Service

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