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2.2m Tower

Designed as an integrated component of our SRA System, the 2.2m Tower provides the ideal mounting platform for a wide variety of solar resource assessment and solar resource measurement sensor configurations.

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Configuration Options

This 2.2m Tower is optimized for pre and post construction applications, including solar resource assessment (SRA) and solar resource monitoring (SMA):

  • Solar sensors are mounted above the rest of the system, eliminating the possibility of reflections from the tower itself or any other sensors/accessories.
  • Solar radiation measurements are positioned at the typical height of installed PV panels.
  • Industry-standard solar sensors can be mounted either on our or our .
  • 2.2 m height allows easy access to pyranometers for routine maintenance using a 4’ (1.2 m) step ladder.
  • Several base configurations to enable ease of use in pre and post construction applications.

In addition, transportation and installation are made easier with a 66% weight reduction compared to our previous SRA tower design.

Galvanized steel tower components, made to withstand the elements, provide a strong foundation to support long-term, professional-grade solar resource assessment.

The 2.2m Tower comes with base-plate, three 4” diameter screw-in anchors, and guy wires.