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Interface 40C to Logic Level, Speed Amp #892E

Convert the 40C Anemometer from AC sine wave to square wave.

  • Interface 40C to Logic Level, Speed Amp #892E

Configuration Options

The 892 Speed Amp interface converts the AC sine wave signal produced by the NRG 40C Anemometer (or any sensor with a compatible output) to a high-level, square wave signal.

This high-level signal is compatible with many data acquisition systems with frequency input capabilities. The 892 Speed Amp's low power consumption makes it ideal for use with battery-powered data acquisition systems.

  Interface 40C to Logic Level, Speed Amp #892E (#2041)
Sensor type
  • anemometer interface, signal amplifier
  • converts the low level AC sine-wave signal from the sensor to a high level square wave signal at the same frequency.
  • wind turbine control
  • process control
  • environmental monitoring
  • meteorological studies
Sensor compatibility
  • NRG #40 Anemometer
  • IceFree Heated Anemometer
Input signal  
Signal type (sensor output) low level AC sine wave
Signal range (sensor output) 0 Hz to 200 Hz
Output signal  
Signal type
  • high level square wave
  • push-pull (no external pull up resistor required)
  • TTL / CMOS compatible (depending on supply voltage)
Transfer function output signal follows input frequency
Recommended load resistance 1 kΩ minimum (5 mA load current maximum)
Output signal range equal to supply voltage
Response characteristics  
Threshold 80 mV peak-to-peak minimum input signal
Power requirements  
Supply voltage
  • 3 V DC to 15 V DC
  • Internal power storage capacitor gives approx. 13 seconds run time with power off, when operating from a 5 V pulsed supply and with no load on the output
Supply current 15 µA
Mounting mating socket mounts to 35mm (type O) DIN rail or with screws to any flat surface
Tools required #1 Phillips (+) or flat blade (-) screwdriver for terminals
Accessories NRG #40 Maximum Anemometer, Item No. 1899
  • Pin 1 - anemometer input
  • Pin 2 - anemometer input (supply common)
  • Pin 3 - +5 VDC power @ approx. 15 uA input
  • Pin 4 - supply common
  • Pin 5 - output common (supply common)
  • Pin 7 - frequency output signal (TTL/CMOS compatible)
Operating temperature range -40 °C to 70 °C (-40 °F to 150 °F)
Operating humidity range 0 % to 95 % RH (non condensing)
Connections octal plug, mating socket with screw terminals included
Weight 75 g (0.17 pound)
  • module: 50 mm x 50 mm x 69 mm (1.4 inches x 1.4 inches x 2.7 inches), including plug
  • in socket: 41 mm x 56 mm x 77 mm (1.6 inches x 2.2 inches x 3.0 inches)
Enclosure plastic housing with octal plug base
Terminals octal plug, mating socket with screw terminals included

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