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Instruction Sheets

Using Symphonie Data Retriever to fix Leap Year Timestamps

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Symphonie Loggers with firmware revisions 8,7 and lower have a problem when they convert internet timestamps to dates in leap years. This affects the file names given to your data files by the logger; the file names are one day ahead of the data timestamps. The data timestamps from stand alone loggers (no iPack) are not affected.

If your Symphonie site includes an iPack and you are using an internet time server to automatically set the logger clock, the logger will set its clock ahead by one day when the clock is set after leap day. Only logger systems using iPacks and internet time servers are affected by this problem.

This Application Note helps explain how to use Symphonie Data Retriever (SDR) version 4.28.01 or higher to scale the timestamps correctly in raw data files affected by this problem.

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