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LOGR|Solar Communications Kit

Automate the transfer of measurement data from the field to NRG Cloud via 4G cellular connectivity.

  • LOGR|Solar Communications Kit
  • LOGR|Solar Communications Kit
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Configuration Options

The LOGR|Solar Communications Kit enables the reliable, automatic transfer of critical measurement data from LOGR|Solar Data Loggers to NRG Cloud. Equipped with a 4G cellular-enabled communications module, dedicated antenna, and an NRG-managed cellular plan, the LOGR|Solar Communications Kit improves data accessibility for more efficient system monitoring, while facilitating swift troubleshooting should potential issues arise.

The LOGR|Solar Communications Kit is compatible with a range of cellular networks, offering the flexibility needed to meet the specific communication requirements of your project, depending on its geographical location.


The LOGR|Solar Communications Kit’s communications module attaches to a port located on the back of your LOGR|Solar Data Logger. The communications module and the data logger are then secured in the shelter box using din rail mounts.


Each LOGR|Solar Communications Kit comes with an omnidirectional antenna appropriate for sites where a cellular tower is nearby. If a different antenna is required, please contact our team to find the right solutions for your project.


The LOGR|Solar Communications Kit comes with a hosted, VPN-wrapped monthly data plan and a connection to NRG Cloud for data storage, management, visualization, and download, as well as remote configuration with support from NRG’s Technical Services team.

  • Automatic transfer of logged data to NRG Cloud when used with LOGR|Solar Data Logger
  • Customizable data transmission fits your schedule or application
  • Flexible cellular compatibility for seamless operation globally