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Why Symphonie sends the same file two times

The Symphonie logger was designed to create one data file for each day. The file, created on the MMC at midnight is given a filename, and all header information.

Every hour, 6 ten minute intervals are written from the logger internal non-volatile memory to the MMC. This data is appended to the file that is currently active for the day.

Symphonie will deliver a copy of the data stored on the MMC up to the current hour when it calls. Symphonie keeps track of which data files have been sent as complete files. Once a copy of the complete file has been sent, the file is marked as "sent" by the logger (so it will not be sent again).

So why do I receive the same file twice...sometimes with a partial day of data and sometimes with a full day of data?

Here is an example:

If you set your system to call each day at 4 AM, you will receive the full data file from yesterday (all 24 hours) and data from midnight to 4 AM for today (the total number of hours from midnight to the call time).

Tomorrow you will receive the same file but with 24 hours of data instead of just the hours from midnight to 4 AM.

When it comes time to process the data, you will only want to process the larger of the two files for any given day.

The Symphonie PopAuto utility can be configured to download and sort your rwd files directly from your pop server. It will only download the larger of the two files so you do not need to worry about discarding the smaller ones later.

PopAuto is included in the SDR download. Check the application notes section for more information.


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