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What Accessories do I need to know about when ordering a SymphoniePRO system?

The SymphoniePRO logger kit includes a wiring panel and its interconnect cable, a 3 m ground cable, and a desiccant pack. NRG’s sales team will ensure that your order includes everything you need to get up and running quickly, including the following options:

  • Choice of Symphonie iPackGPS remote communications and autonomous power supply unit (GSM/GPRS, 3G GSM, or CDMA).
  • Choice of two industrial-rated SD cards, available in 512 MB or 2 GB sizes depending on your data storage needs. If your plans include storage of 1 Hz sample data for any number of channels, the higher capacity 2 GB SD card is required. See the FAQ on memory for more guidance.
  • Symphonie FRP shelter box preconfigured to make mounting SymphoniePRO fast and easy. Two options are available depending on your tower type (lattice or tubular).
  • NRG 15W PV panel – the standard 15W PV panel handles most cases; however, additional PV and extra batteries are recommended for high latitude installations or for power-intensive sensor configurations.
  • Two options of 15W PV kits are available depending on your tower type (lattice or tubular).
  • USB cable – the SymphoniePRO logger includes a USB-B connector on its faceplate for quick and easy connection to your laptop running the SymphoniePRO Desktop Application for programming. This cable is USB-B to USB-A style and is 15’ long to give you plenty of length to reach the logger when it is on the tower.


Download Calibration Reports

Our Calibration Report Retriever Tool is a comprehensive database of reports for the following products:

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RH5X Relative Humidity Sensor
Thies First Class Advanced Anemometer
WindSensor P2546-OPR Anemometer

Tech Support

Whether you are troubleshooting in the field or learning how to install a product, we are here for you.