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Using a Li-Cor LI-200SZ Pyranometer on a Symphonie Logger

The pyranometer signal output is a uA current; almost all other analog sensors output a voltage output.

The scale factor to enter into the logger or SDR software is determined as follows:

scale factor = 119.21 / cal sheet number

Example: calibration sheet says 93.7 uA output per 1000 Watts per square meter...

scale = 119.21/93.7
scale = 1.27

...enter 1.27 as the scale factor (slope) for the sensor channel...

Offset is always 0 for a pyranometer.

Instructions for wiring the pyranometer to the Symphonie Logger is covered in the Symphonie user’s manual.

Do not use the resistor supplied with the pyranometer when connecting to Symphonie. The supplied resistor is for connecting to a 9200-PLUS or Wind Explorer logger only.


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