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Symphonie Logger Event Log codes

The Symphonie logger stores internal events into a log viewable from the logger display [Home][2][4]. These events provide useful troubleshooting information and should be monitored as part of a routine data Quality Control (QC) process.

The event log is transferred into the Data File header whenever a new file is created. The SDR software imports these events into the SDR “Event Log” which is viewable from SDR.

To view the Event Log:

From SDR’s main menu:

Choose Site>View Event Log, pick the site number from the list, and click Ok.

Note that the error log has room for expansion and that the log does not include internet errors generated by the iPack.





Internet Time Adjust. Time of event is the new time after adjustment has been applied. Clock was adjusted by less than 2 minutes by an internet time update from the iPack. Note: a < 2 minute time correction will not cause a new file. The clock correction will be applied in the middle of the first interval after the call completes. Loggers with firmware version 10 or lower will automatically begin a new file if a correction of more than 2 minutes is required, but nothing will be noted in the Event Log.


EEPROM initialized. This event is recorded when the logger is restarted and the internal non-volatile memory was reset.


Reboot. This event is recorded when the logger is restarted following a power loss or electrostatic event.


Reserved for future use


Clock set. This event is recorded when the keys of the logger’s keypad are pressed (for updating the logger clock, for example). Note: In loggers with firmware rev 10 and older, event 4 is logged for any completed request from the user. These include manual clock set, a manual call ("call now"), or entering the Utilities, iPack menu [Home][3][4] .


Reserved for future use


I2C error. This event is recorded if the logger encounters an internal data transfer error.


MMC Failure. This event is recorded if the logger could not write to MMC card due to a damaged MMC microprocessor, damaged MMC, or bad sector on the MMC. Try a different MMC card.


Reserved for future use


Reserved for future use


Reserved for future use


Bad Command. Invalid command request to logger from user or iPack.


Internet clock set. For loggers with firmware revision 11 and higher, this event is recorded each time the iPack successfully accesses an internet time server and adjusts the time by more than two minutes. Time of event is the new time after adjustment has been applied. This time change will cause a new file, with this event, right after call ends. Since there was more than 2 minutes time discrepancy, this event usually implies that there was a real time clock problem, or it has been a long time since the last successful internet time update. Internet Clock Set in the event log for loggers with firmware revision 10 or lower indicates that the iPack successfully accessed the internet time server and adjusted the logger’s clock by less than 2 minutes.


User Activated iPack. Logged whenever a manual call ("call now") is requested, or when entering the Utilities, iPack menu [Home][3][4].

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