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SDR informs me that my logger settings may have does it know?

The Symphonie logger will set a configuration change "flag bit" which is passed to SDR through the rwd file header.

The flag bit can be set under the following conditions:
1.Any Reboot
2.The Encryption PIN is changed
3.A SCM change is detected

The logger may have experienced a mild ESD, which caused the reboot and no components are damaged or in the event of a very strong ESD to the logger (nearby lightning) the SCM identification circuits and signal inputs may sustain damage. It is good practice to inspect any files in which SDR has prompted you to review changes.

Note that the SCM configuration is scanned under the following conditions:
1.Every two seconds that the logger user interface (display) is active
2.At the beginning of every 10 minute interval
3.A reboot


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