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No message in lower window bar of the SDR "Modify iPack Settings" window

If you do not see a message in the lower window bar of the SDR "Modify iPack Settings" window, this means that a COM port has not been obtained for use by SDR. Go to Options>Comm Port and select an appropriate port.

If all the choices are grayed out, this means SDR could not find any available ports. Another program or device may be using the port, or the port may have been remapped to a COM port other than 1-4. You may need to investigate your hardware profile in the Windows Device Manager Control panel.

Control Panel For Windows 2000 (instructions are similar for Windows XP):

For windows 2000 / XP:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to System
  • Go to Hardware
  • Click Device Manager
  • Expand the "Ports" section

If the port you are trying to use is on a COM port from 1 to 4, another program may already be using it. Close any programs that may use the port, such as Palm Pilot software.

If the port is assigned to a higher COM port, double click the port, go to "Port Settings," and click advanced. Change the "COM Port Number" to a port between 1 and 4 that is not already in use.

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