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List of Internet Error Codes returned by iPack to logger display

Following is a complete list of the error codes that can be returned from the iPack internet processor to the logger.

A handful of the errors are more commonly reported - we will continue to create separate knowledge base entries for those errors to help resolve the errors.

Many times, the errors are the result of settings being entered incorrectly into the iPack.

001 cannot make call
41 Illegal delimiter
42 Illegal value
43 CR expected
44 Number expected
45 CR or ' , ' expected
46 DNS expected
47 : ' or ' ~ ' expected
48 String expected
49 : ' or ' = ' expected
50 Text expected
51 Syntax error
52 ' , ' expected
53 Illegal command code
54 Error when setting parameter value
55 Error when getting parameter value
56 User abort
57 Error when trying to establish PPP
58 Error when trying to establish SMTP
59 Error when trying to establish POP3
60 Single session body for MIME exceeds the maximum allowed
61 Internal memory failure
62 User aborted the system
63 - 66 RESERVED
67 Command ignored as irrelevant
69 Timeout on host communication
70 Modem failed to respond
71 No dial tone' response
72 No carrier' modem response
73 Dial failed
74 Connection with ISP lost
75 Access denied to ISP server
76 Unable to locate POP3 server
77 POP3 server timed out
78 Access denied to POP3 server
79 POP3 failed
80 No suitable message in mailbox
81 Unable to locate SMTP server
82 SMTP server timed out
83 SMTP failed
84 - 99 RESERVED
100 Error restoring default parameters
101 No ISP access numbers defined
102 No USRN defined
103 No PWD entered
104 No DNS defined
105 No POP3 defined
106 No MBX (mailbox) defined
107 No MPWD (mailbox password) defined
108 No TOA (addressee) defined
109 No REA (return address) defined
110 No SMTP defined
214 Socket pwait error
215 Socket no carrier error
216 General exception
217 Out of memory
300 HTTP server unknown


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