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Internet Error 075 (and sometimes 071 or 001) with GSM Worldwide iPack (Item 3860)

When using a GSM Worldwide iPack with GPRS as the connection method, an IE 075 could mean that the APN is incorrect or blank. Sometimes, depending on the cellular carrier, an 071 or 001 could also mean the APN is incorrect or blank.

Confirm the APN is properly loaded using the SDR phone setup window.

To do this..

1.Open SDR
2.Go to Site > Modify iPack Settings
3.Load your ipk file (either from computer disk or the iPack) from the File menu
4.Go to Options > Set Up Phone
5.Make sure the GSM radio button is checked
6.Enter the APN into the APN field
7.Press the "Send" button
Note that you have to complete process even if you already performed a "Save to iPack" function. The "Save to iPack" function does not load the APN - it must be done as a separate step.

APN stands for Access Point Name.


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