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How long does it take to fill SymphoniePRO’s internal memory or the SD card?

Using a 45 KB per day file size, which is a good estimate for a SymphoniePRO logger configured with a typical wind resource sensor configuration and 10-minute averaging, the internal Flash memory stores up to 175 days (~5.5 months) of statistical data. Keep in mind the actual file size can vary significantly according to the number of channels enabled, averaging interval, and especially when 1 Hz sample data storage is turned on.

The amount of time to fill the SD card will similarly vary according to your settings. A factory-formatted 512 MB card will hold over 10 years of 45 KB files (i.e., typical WRA met mast collecting 10 minute statistical data). For example, a meteorological tower outfitted with (4) RNRG Class 1, (3) Thies FCA, (3) RNRG 200P vanes, (2) NRG 110S temperature sensors, (1) NRG BP20 and (1) NRG RH5X set to collect 10 minute statistics and connect once per day using a remote connection to the user's PC will transfer around 45 KB.

Optional storage of 1 Hz sample data necessitates the use of a 2 GB SD card as it adds approximately 250 KB of data per channel per day.

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