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How can I check the iPack battery?

The correct place to check the iPack battery voltage from the attached Symphonie Logger is to go to: [Home] [3][4]

This is the Utilities=>iPack screen

The iPack battery voltage will show in "real time" with 2 second updates.

Another screen, which shows the iPack voltage, is the Status=>iPack screen...[Home] [2] [3]...this screen shows the status of the iPack as of the last call is historical, not real time.

Yet another place to see a battery voltage is the logger status screen...[Home] [2] [1]...this will show the voltage the logger is running on and will range from 1.25 to 2.05 Volts. If the iPack battery is fully charged; it powers a 2 V regulator inside the iPack which then powers the logger. You should see 2 V here if everything is working correctly between the logger and the iPack. With just the logger D-Cells you will see 1.5 V.

The battery can also be removed from the iPack and tested with a voltmeter - it is important to have a test load on the battery, which will simulate the phone being turned on. Measuring an unloaded battery will NOT necessarily provide meaningful readings.

A 25-Watt light bulb makes a good test load for the battery. Measure the voltage across the battery and then again with the light bulb connected to the battery...for a healthy battery, the voltage range should drop to 11.1 V to 11.7 V with bulb on, and float up to 12.7 V to 13.1 V or so with bulb off.

If the bulb starts bright and then quickly dims within a minute or so, the battery has lost capacity and should be recharged or replaced.

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