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Instruction Sheets

Scaling the Li-Cor Pyranometer on Symphonie Loggers

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The Li-Cor Total Solar Pyranometer is a sensor that gives an output proportional to the total solar radiation, measured in Watts per square meter. Each Li-Cor LI-200SZ is provided with a calibration sheet that specifies the transfer function for your particular sensor.

The SymphoniePLUS and Symphonie loggers support the Li-Cor sensor directly using the optional Sensor Configuration Module (SCM) for Li-Cor, #3154. The logger collects and stores the data in raw format. For exact scaling of the real-time display, or for scaling logged data using Symphonie Data Retriever (SDR), you will need to enter a scale factor calculated for your particular sensor. This application note explains how to calculate the correct scale factor based on your Li-Cor Pyranometer’s calibration value.


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