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Mounting Boom | 2.87m (113"), Tubular

Mount your anemometers and wind vanes on NRG TallTowers™ according to industry best practices.

  • Mounting Boom | 2.87m (113"), Tubular
  • Mounting Boom | 2.87m (113"), Tubular
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Configuration Options

The longest length boom that we offer, the 2.87m Tubular Boom meets or exceeds industry IEC 61400-12-1 recommendations for tower and boom offset distances. This boom cannot be shipped via UPS due to its length.

This heavy duty boom comes with mounting plates and u-bolts to attach the boom to the tower and uses our 16” stub mast for sensor mounting.

This boom can mount one , NRG 40C Anemometer, NRG 40H Anemometer, or  right out of the box.

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