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Mounting Boom | 1.93m (76"), Tubular, IF3

Mount IceFree3 Anemometers, IceFree3 Wind Direction Vanes and RM Young 27106T Vertical Anemometers on NRG TallTowers™.

  • Mounting Boom | 1.93m (76"), Tubular, IF3
  • Mounting Boom | 1.93m (76"), Tubular, IF3
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These heavy duty mounting booms are designed specifically for mounting the NRG IceFree3 Heated Anemometer and NRG IceFree3 Heated Vane. It is also compatible with RM Young 27106T Vertical Anemometers.

Featuring heavy duty steel pipe for safe use in icing environments, this boom mounts to NRG TallTowers up to 254 mm (10”) in diameter with a universal mounting plate and u-bolts (included). The boom’s tube diameter allows for direct connection to the base of IceFree3 heated sensors.

  1.93m (76"), Tubular, IF3 (#3258)
Boom type Single sided heavy duty wind sensor mounting boom
Applications Wind resource assessment:
  • Mounts one NRG IceFree3 sensor in icing environments
  • Mounts one RM Young Vertical Anemometer
Sensor compatibility
  • NRG IceFree3 Heated Anemometer
  • NRG IceFree3 Heated Wind Direction Vane
  • RM Young 27106T Vertical Anemometer
Tower compatibility All NRG TallTowers
Mounting Mounting plate attaches to tower with U-bolts, boom attaches to plate with U-bolts
Tools required Adjustable wrench or 1/2 inch and 11/16 inch wrenches or nut drivers
Lifespan 2 years +
Weight 6.1 kg (13.5 pounds)
Overall boom length 1.95 m (76.8 inches)
Boom diameter 27 mm (1.1 inches)
Offset distance 172.7 cm (68 inches)
Offset height 33.5 cm (13.2 inches)
Boom 3/4 IPS Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe
U-bolts Galvanized steel
Universal mounting plate Galvanized steel