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Symphonie® iPackACCESS | LTE-TDD

Integrate real-time meteorological data into their SCADA systems via Modbus TCP or LTE-TDD cellular network.

  • Symphonie® iPackACCESS | LTE-TDD

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iPackACCESS is a communications and power module for the SymphoniePRO®  data loggers that enables wind farm operators to integrate real-time meteorological data into their SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems via Modbus TCP or LTE-TDD cellular network.

iPackACCESS serves up real-time 1 Hz sample as well as statistical data at user-selected intervals. Data are delivered to pre-defined Modbus registers or via email by cellular modem. With no coding required, iPackACCESS offers ease-of-use and data security by limiting access to defined IP addresses.


iPackACCESS attaches to a port located on the back of your Symphonie series data logger. The iPackACCESS and data logger are then mounted in a Symphonie shelter box for security and environmental protection.


This lightweight utility can be run off of a USB drive and used at various points in your network to troubleshoot and establish the proper connectivity of your logger/iPack system. The latest version is compatible with the SymphoniePRO data logger when paired with an iPackACCESS.

  • Deliver real-time, 1 Hz meteorological data into your wind farm’s SCADA system via Modbus TCP or LTE-TDD cellular network.
  • Deliver statistical data (average, standard deviation, min, max, and max 3-sec gust*) at user-selected intervals (1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes) so it can be directly forwarded to forecasting providers or other stakeholders*
  • Access the data on pre-defined registers using industry-standard Modbus TCP protocol or through LTE-G cellular network.*
  • Ensure the security of your data by limiting access via user-defined IP addresses
  • Quickly install the unit in the field, no coding required*

* Feature enhanced by and/or exclusively available when iPackACCESS is paired with SymphoniePRO.

  • One (1) Symphonie iPackACCESS
  • One (1) GPS antenna

Note: The iPack voltmeter SCM is now included in SymphoniePLUS3 data logger kits. SymphoniePRO includes built-in monitoring of the 12V power supply and does not require a separate interface module.

  4G LTE-TDD (#9406)
Accessory type Communications + power module for SymphoniePRO data loggers
Applications Delivery of real-time (1 Hz sample) and statistical meteorological data for resource assessment, power performance testing and/or long-term monitoring, and/or forecasting.
Instrument compatibility SymphoniePRO data loggers
  • Delivery of meteorological data via:
  • Modbus TCP server, email, and/or MetLink* available over Ethernet
  • LTE-TDD cellular modem
  • Supports up to 4 simultaneous Modbus TCP/MetLink connections
  • Supports remote configuration and firmware updates to data logger and iPackACCESS via MetLink*
  • Automatic synchronization of data logger's real-time clock via GPS and/or internet time (NTP) server*
  • Automatic download of logged data via email

    *Functionality enhanced by and/or exclusively available via Ethernet interface
Data Collection  
Software Configuration via data logger desktop software on Windows PC (SymphoniePRO Desktop Application (SPD))
Data delivery
  • Data available via Modbus TCP server:
  • Real-time, 1 Hz sample data from all channels
  • Statistical values at user-selected time interval configured in the data logger (1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes)*
  • Raw logger data files available:
  • by email and/or MetLink via Ethernet interface (SCADA network connection)
  • by email only via cellular modem
  • locally via logger USB connection or SD card
User interface
  • Status reporting via data logger user interface
  • Configuration via data logger desktop software on Windows PC (SymphoniePRO Desktop Application (SPD))
Configurable parameters
  • Modbus secure client list to prevent unauthorized access by limiting the acceptable IP addresses for incoming connections (up to 10 allowable addresses)
  • Network configuration parameters
  • DHCP capable
Communication ports
  • Weatherproof Ethernet connector (RJ45) for connection to SCADA system
  • DB25 connector for interface to data logger
  • QMA (f) connector for GPS antenna
  • SMA (f) connector for cellular antenna
Power requirements  
Batteries Two (2) built-in 12 V Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) batteries with 2200 mAh rating each (4400 mAh total)
External power input
  • Charging circuit input (open circuit voltage 15 to 28 V)
  • External battery input (12 to 14 V)
External power output Smart-switched 12 V DC output from internal SLA batteries (~4400 mAh)
Mounting iPackACCESS attaches to back of SymphoniePRO data logger with (4) long logger mounting screws
Accessories Weatherproof Ethernet cable boot, GPS antenna, and cellular antenna (included)
  • Two (2) screw terminals for solar PV panel or external power supply input
  • Two (2) screw terminals for external battery
  • Two (2) screw terminals for 12 V power output
  • One (1) screw terminal for earth ground, pre-wired for connection to data logger earth ground stud
Dimensions 165 x 222 x 102 mm (6.5 x 8.75 x 4.0 inches)
  • Weather-proof polycarbonate plastic
  • IP65 Rated
System requirements  
  • Windows PC with SymphoniePRO Desktop Application (SPD) required for configuration
  • Modbus Demo Client software utility for network connection testing and troubleshooting
Operating system
  • SymphoniePRO Desktop Application requires Windows 7 or higher
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