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Data Logger Wiring Panel Kits - Solar

Connect sensors and protect your data logger from electrostatic discharge with an NRG wiring panel.

  • Data Logger Wiring Panel Kits - Solar

    SymphoniePRO 26-Channel Wiring Panel

  • SymphoniePRO 26-Channel Wiring Panel

  • Data Logger Wiring Panel Kits - Solar
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Configuration Options

Our wiring panels are designed with the field user in mind. Dedicated terminals for every sensor wire and clear labeling help ensure mistake-free wiring. These input protection devices are required to connect digital and analog sensors to Symphonie® series data loggers. Each wiring panel features channel-by-channel surge protection to shield sensitive data logger circuitry from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

In the event of a lightning strike, the wiring panel will divert the energy to Earth Ground, protecting the data logger from damage. Severe ESD events may require replacement of the wiring panel to restore normal data logging operations.

We recommend carrying a spare wiring panel when performing site visits.

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