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Symphonie iPack at+ixfh error

The iPack has three key component blocks - the main processor, an internet processor, and a modem.

The "at+ixfh error" comes up when the internet processor is busy trying to talk to the cellular modem and cannot process commands from the iPack main microprocessor.

If the internet processor has problems talking to the modem, it focuses on that communication and ignores the main microprocessor.
Eventually, the main microprocessor has waited long enough (about one minute) and stops trying - that is when the message is displayed.

What this could mean is that the modem is "locked up" or not communicating on the iPack side. The only thing that could be done in the field to try and solve this would be to take apart the iPack and remove the iPack battery for several minutes. This would ensure that power is removed from all circuits including the phone.

Hopefully, when the battery is replaced the circuits will all re-initialize properly. Essentially this procedure resets / reboots everything at a hardware level.

For CDMA users experiencing this problem, it may be related to the type of connection that the iPack is set up for: circuit-switched data (CSD) or packet-switched data (1XRTT). CSD is the traditional "dial-up" account setup that has been used for analog phone connections. 1XRTT represents the cellular industries push toward higher-speed data connections. There is more information on using packet-switched data connections here:

If the error persists, NRG should be contacted.


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