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Important Tip: keep your iPack battery charged prior to installation, it will discharge over time

If the iPack is left in storage without a logger connected, the battery "shelf life" is about 3 months; at that point the battery should be recharged prior to installation of the iPack. The iPack circuitry is always active and draws current in the uA range from the battery.

It is normal for office testing to be performed with the logger and iPack before field installation...

If the logger and iPack are left connected without any PV charging the system, the iPack battery will completely run down in about 3 to 4 weeks. This is due to the 2.5 mA current draw of the 2 V regulator in the iPack. The iPack feeds the logger power instead of the D-Cells when connected to the logger.

A good protocol would be to always "top off" the battery before deployment. A 15 VDC 500 mA source [Universal iPack Charger, 100-240VAC Input (item: 3615)] connected to the PV input can recharge the iPack battery in about 4 hours.

If the battery has completely discharged, you really should use a wall charger whenever possible...a PV panel may take a up to a few days to recharge a completely discharged battery, depending on solar conditions. Also, if you choose to use a PV panel to recharge a completely discharged battery, do so without connecting the logger to reduce the charge time. If the logger is connected to the iPack (especially with sensors that require significant power), the charging efforts can be severely hampered.

All iPacks are charged prior to shipment from NRG.


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