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iPackGPS Firmware | SymphoniePRO

DOWNLOAD v. 2.4.2

Use this firmware in your iPackGPS when pairing it with a SymphoniePRO Data Logger.


While software upgrades are conducted right on your PC, firmware upgrades need to be administered directly to the SymphoniePRO Data Logger and iPackGPS devices. With SymphoniePRO, these firmware upgrades can be done either locally with a USB-connected PC or remotely via MetLink. For questions on how to administer firmware upgrades, please contact our tech services team at

Release Notes
VERSION 2.4.2, 04/20/2022

 **General release.**

  • Modified "data only" command for LTE-ATT model to handle AT&T 3G network sunset

VERSION 2.4.1, 02/01/2022

 **General release.**

  • Added "data only" command for LTE-G model to handle AT&T 3G network sunset

VERSION 2.4.0, 7/7/2021

 **General release.**

  • Added support for LTE-G iPackGPS model

VERSION 2.3.6, 1/28/2020

 **Limited release.**

  • Added support for 4G DoCoMo iPackGPS model

VERSION 2.3.4, 4/22/2019

 **General release.**

  • Improvement to prevent iPackGPS from sending partial emails
Version 2.3.3, 8/16/2018

**General release - recommended for all users.**

  • Improvement to modem disconnect routine
  • Changed connect string for LTE-TDD to match other modems
Version 2.3.2, 7/27/2018

**Limited release.**

  • Added validation limits on SNTP-acquired time
Version 2.3.0, 5/15/2018

**Limited release.**

  • Added support for new model: LTE-TDD
  • Improvement to Set Operator functionality
Version 2.2.1 -- 3/8/2018

**General release.**

  • Added support for new models: LTE-VZW and LTE-ATT
Version 2.1.0 -- 6/27/2016

**General release.**

  • Added support for new 2G GSM (GPRS) modem (i.e., "G3")
Version 1.1.1 -- 8/12/2015

**General release - recommended that all users apply at earliest convenience.**

  • Added support for new CDMA modem (i.e., "C2")
  • Fixed bug with GPS time synchronization
Version 1.0.0 -- 5/18/2015

**General release - initial production.**

  • Improved support for long email user names and subject lines
Previous Versions

Download v. 2.3.4

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