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WINDCUBE v2 and FCR Validation on Complex Site and Application for Resource Assessment Analysis

Published on November 1, 2012

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This report is performed according to an agreement between Acciona Energy, Leosphere, and Barlovento.

The WINDCUBE v2 is a remote sensing device based on Lidar technology developed by Leosphere. The Power Pack version of WINDCUBE consists on 8 PV panels.

Barlovento has had the opportunity to test for one and a half months the WINDCUBE v2 Lidar device, Power Pack version, located in complex terrain.

Throughout the test period Barlovento has carried out several tests with the WINDCUBE v2, located in a complex terrain area. The WINDCUBE v2 measurements have been compared against standard 80 m met-mast measurements (installed according to IEC-61400-12-1 [1]).

There are some references (see [2], [3] and [4]) that have shown a good agreement between the WINDCUBE v2 measurements and the standard met-mast measurements (cup anemometers) in many situations (complex terrain, offshore, power curve measurement). This technical report assesses the behavior of the WINDCUBE v2 measurements in a complex and forested area.

The purpose of this technical report is therefore to evaluate the quality of the WINDCUBE v2 (with PowerPack energy supply) measurements and assessing their suitability for wind resource assessment in complex terrain.