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Lidar Simulator : A Coupled Wind and Lidar Simulator


Poster, EWEA 2014

Published on March 10, 2014

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Simulation is of first interest to improve existing Lidar and to develop new concept of measurement based on Lidar technology. Nowadays challenges are numerous for Lidar: accuracy of measurement compare to frequency of acquisition, range of measurement, meteorological condition for good measurement, autonomy and transportability of Lidar casing. Besides, there are also many challenges for tomorrow: measuring turbulence, measurement in highly complex field, during storm, providing new proper characteristic of wind field adapted to different topics… In order to face those challenges, several new Lidar architecture from hardware to software can be drawn and must be tested in different atmospheric condition. Lidar simulator permits to simulate wind flow with a large bench of different characteristic and to simulate measurement of wind by a coherent Lidar system with a large bench of hardware and software settings. Lidar simulator architecture is presented, then wind profile generation, carrier to noise ratio (CNR) modelisation and reconstruction are presented then some results are given.