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Improved Bankability: The Ecofys position on Lidar use

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A key goal of a wind measurement campaign is to reduce project uncertainty, as this will improve bankability in terms of better financing terms and reduced project risks. Lidar is now a mature technology that has been proven to be as accurate as high-quality anemometers. Industry acceptance of Lidar measurements, as well as our experience with the flexibility of Lidar deployments, leads Ecofys to recommend Lidar in the following configurations:

  1. Lidar stand-alone on-site. In simple terrain (flat, few obstacles), a LiDAR can entirely replace a met mast for the wind resource assessment. This is typically recommended if the erection of a met mast is impossible. A stand-alone LiDAR can also be used to characterise a site, for instance evaluating the wind shear around forests.
  2. Lidar next to a relatively short on-site met mast. This can be a cost-effective solution to quantify the wind shear and extrapolate wind speeds to hub height.